Take advantage of tax credit today with Malcolm's heating and air services.           Take advantage of tax credit today with Malcolm's heating and air services.          Take advantage of tax credit today with Malcolm's heating and air services.

Have you ever wondered what the normal lifespan of your HVAC system is? Air conditioners last for about 15 years, while furnaces can last for nearly two decades. If you don’t have any plans of moving in the coming years, you’ll ultimately have to replace your HVAC system. However, if you want your furnace or air conditioner to last for their average life or even longer, you’ll need proper maintenance or air duct cleaning services Littleton regularly. It’s impossible to expect an HVAC system to work in its optimal condition without changing the refrigerant or cleaning the filters.

They may not last for their expected lifespan if you don’t pay heed to their maintenance. Here are a few important ways to extend the lifecycle of your HVAC system.

Get Air Duct Cleaning Services Littleton Regularly

No matter how many protection measures you have put in place, you’ll eventually need air duct cleaning services Thornton for your HVAC system. Because of being outside all the time, your air conditioner will get dirty. You’ll ensure your AC unit keeps working at its optimal condition by getting rid of the leaves, dirt, or any other debris. You will significantly reduce the chances of a sudden breakdown by keeping your HVAC unit clean.

Check Up Your Condenser

Your air conditioner’s condenser is placed somewhere in your house, which is designed to stand up to the elements. However, it can get damaged from windblown debris from severe storms or hail. Thus, it’s crucial to inspect your condenser regularly for any damage, particularly after any significant storm. While you are at it, make sure to eliminate any accumulation of weeds or leaves on or around the condenser. Moreover, if greenery is growing near the unit, cut it down. Your condenser needs space to breathe, too.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Regular preservation and air duct cleaning services Littleton will help prolong the life of your HVAC system by keeping essential components in good form. During maintenance visits, experts:

That eases wear and tear on crucial parts. As a result, it helps your HVAC system last longer.

Installing A Damper

You can considerably upsurge the efficiency of your furnace and air conditioner by installing HVAC dampers. Furthermore, it will enhance the lifespan of your HVAC unit. Dampers can have an adverse effect on your HVAC system’s ability to maintain a comfortable humidity and temperature level in your house. On the other, installing new dampers will ensure lower electricity bills and a prolonged lifespan of your HVAC system. It will also increase its efficiency. They will cause your HVAC system to work at its best without causing much strain. For increased durability and reliability of your HVAC system, you can contact the specialists of Action Air Duct for air duct cleaning services Thornton. Irrespective of the model or brand of your HVAC system, our experts can take care of the most complex problems expertly. All you need to do is call us today at 720 257 3319!

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